Horny Hitcher Gets Hosed

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You know that saying that goes something like, 'Opportunity only knocks once,'? Well, around here we like to say things like,'Opportunity has two knockers...and they are huge.' Yeah, we like our version better, too. In this case, opportunity has a name, and that name is Jasmine Black. She is a hootered honey stranded on the side of the road and she needs a ride. And you know what? She is not one of those chicks that thinks that she can get a free ride just because she is hot. Oh, no. If you give Jasmine a ride, she will let you ride her rack. Those are pretty good benefits from striking a bargain with a stranger, eh? Watch this sex kitten do her thing on the side of the road, on the hood of this car. It's not a road hazard situation, but watching Jasmine work this dick in her tits may make you want to ignite a few emergency flares.

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